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Note: I've taken a full-time developer position this past year
and have transitioned out of freelance for now.

The personal projects for learning never end though!

2D Graphics Design
& Animation

Would custom packaging, invoice logos or busines cards enhance your business image?

Do your best product shots from last quarter need a pile of junk boxes photoshop'd out??

Consider it done.

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• Business Cards
• Logos & Invoice Banners
• Flyers & Advertisements
• Photo Editing, Manip, Cleanup
• Any Other Graphics Needs

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3D Modeling
Assets & Visuals

Would it be easier to contract your 3D artwork on a per-project, dynamic basis?

Do you need to keep your content & project assets unique?

If you want high-quality, worry-free assets as default...

Send over a trial request!

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• Hard Surface Modeling
• Low-poly Mobile Experience
• High-fidelity VR Visuals
• Optimized per project needs

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VR Training

Do you or your clients want to save resources while boosting results with immersive training?

Using commercial hardware it's extremely affordable to replicate/grow training to any scale.

Let's take a big step forward!

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• Efficient, Detailed Environments
• Realistic Tools & Interaction
• Modular, Reusable Components
• GPU & CPU Loop Optimization

This technology has been in mainstream enterprise use for years already - showing incredible benefits.

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Web Design
& Online Sales

Need a new website that's also good on mobile?

Consider it done!

From the domain address to site hosting...

Get help with that and more.

Stuck in an expensive maintenance contract?

Let's lower overhead.

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• Fast Turn-Around & Response as a individual small company
• Personal, direct interaction to understand your needs

There are so many options, large and small, for whatever fits your business.

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